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Everyone from all skill levels are welcome to join and show off their wonderful art, we do not discriminate, just as long as you follow these simple club rules.

:bulletyellow: The things we DO NOT accept are as listed:
1)Dolls made by Gen's furry doll makers or any other doll makers, and please try not to submit bases because we are extremely picky, try to draw something on your own, at least you're trying your best and that's what counts.
2)Photos taken of Sonic character plush dolls. ( Photos, of cosplay costumes are fine, effort was put into making those.)
3)Stolen artwork
4)Art that does not have an echidna, or fox in it.
5)Recolors, absolutely no recolors, or tracing.
6)Journal entries because they are not permanent, if you would like it to be submitted to the club submit it to favorites, please.

:bulletred: Absolutely no recolors of other peoples art, or official art, you can tell a recolor just by looking. It must be drawn by your hand. It will be reported as stolen if you submit something that isn't yours. Computer drawn art is fine, as long as it was your personal hand that drew it and not someone else's. Please use your own poses and not poses that came from the Archie comic or Sonic X. That could easily be considered tracing and tracing is not allowed.

:bulletyellow: Absolutely no porn, or anything Rated R (in other words no characters having sex)~!!!! Some yuri and yaoi love with or without clothing (without clothes must have the mature stamp on it to be accepted) is okay as long as it's not really graphic and obvious. Some love and romance and nudes(we are very picky about nudes though, it's a very serious topic all nudes must have the mature stamp on it for it to be accepted) are fine also as long as its tasteful. Please try to tone down extreme violence such as murder, or killing. We will accept violence in the mature folder but it will be susceptible to our decision if it is too violent and we will be harsh about it. Remember there are younger audiences and audiences here that may be of age but do not like or want to see material like such. So NO severe adult content please. NO fetishes. (ex: over sized breasts, or feet weird stuff like that)

:bulletred: Other characters that are not an echidna or a fox (ex: hedgehogs, chipmunks, skunks, cats, ect... are allowed as long as an echidna or fox character is accompanying them in the picture. But they must be present.

:bulletyellow: And of course dA standard rules apply if it goes against dA's policy it doesn't fly here either. You will get three warnings if you break the rules, if you continue to persist with your rule breaking behavior you get the boot.

:bulletred:Please, please submit your art to the correct folder, We don't want to be re-arranging if we don't have to, we are busy people just like you. So if you take the time to place it in the right folder the first time, everyone's life will be a little bit easier. If its submitted to the wrong folder it will be moved no more then three times, then from then on it gets declined automatically, and I'm going to stop giving a reason why if its excessively submitted wrong, if you don't have the common decency to read the rules and the journals to this club or any club. If you accidentally submitted it to the wrong folder just withdrawal the submission and then submit it to the correct folder, or send us a note telling us about it and we will more then understanding cause we know accidents happen.

:bulletyellow: Be polite and courteous to others and their art, no flaming others or trolling in this club, you will be courteous or else. That also means no warring on which species is the best. We are serious about this rule, if you do it and are rude or war you will get the boot out of here.


If you have a group that wishes to affiliate with us just send us a request. Sonic-based groups only please (a few non-sonic groups will be allowed), it is preferred they be a dA group. And Absolutely NO hate, troll, or anti clubs as in anti Fiona or anti Sally that is hateful and ugly towards a certain character or multiple characters, these would still be considered hate clubs and they are not tolerated. Clubs that have to do with anti characters from the anti zone Moebius from the Archie comics are just fine.
Sheshin here:

It has come to my attention that people who do art trades and commissions need more exposure so therefore a folder for that has been added.
Good luck everyone who needs this help~!

Everyone be well, and keep drawing~!
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Hello, we are your admins, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or just want to be friendly and chat. One of us will get back to you in as timely of a manner as we can.

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